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Although most people can realize the importance of English in modern life. Mastering English is quite difficult for them, Why? Because they don't find out a suitable way to learn. I state you about the way to learn English I think it is the best. It is combination of two factors: learning inside the class and learning outside the class.

Learning inside the class is very necessary for learners for experience, a good environment for practicing and motivation of studying. Firstly, you should take part fully in class to get knowledge from teachers who can share their valuable experiences for studying English with us, and they also give comment or feed back about your mistakes if you have, they can explain about what you don't understand the English lessons. Second, class is good environment for studying, is where we can communicate with your friends in English and check your knowledge level, beside when you learn inside the class, you have competition with others, which make you have more motivation for studying but joining in class every day isn't still enough time for your practice to become a good learner. You should spend more time on practicing yourself at home.

Learning English outside is also important. You can study English online at home with threes reasons: not spend much fees, have suitable lesson for each person and have more interesting for lessons. First learning English online at home, which decrease fees for us and don't much time for moving, second there are many kinds of lesson which are suitable with each learner's level, there are courses for beginners, both adults and children, as well as more advanced courses for those who work their way up through the lessons. The advanced lessons are also suitable for those who do have the basics of the English language and want to increase their skills in reading, speaking, listening and writing. Thirdly, having many funny activities from English online course. It makes learners more interesting for studying. For example, play funny games such as play cards, puzzle, crossword, or hangman. Moreover, you can watch English film, listen to English news, read English newspaper or chat with native speakers.

Many people have the idea that learning English is a difficult process. In fact, the opposite is true and the language is really easy to learn if you spend time on practicing it everyday with above method. You will become a good learner English.

Сочинение на английском языке с переводом Изучение английского

Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Learning English

I began to study English when I was six years old. My first steps were made at school, in Grade 1. To tell the truth, I don't remember much about my first English classes because it was rather a long time ago and I was only six years old then. But I am glad that I began to learn English so early because now my vocabulary is rather rich.


I think that it is very important to know English nowadays. First of all, English is one of the most important international languages in the world. This language takes the second place by the number of people who speak English (after the Chinese language). It is necessary to understand English because very many various books are written in this language. Without the knowledge of English it is very difficult to use the computer, and the computer is becoming an essential part of our life nowadays. In addition, English is an important key to understanding culture, customs and traditions, and economy of different foreign countries. 

While learning English, it is very important to read different books in English.  This way you can find and learn various new words. For me the easiest way to learn new words is to find correct associations with some Russian words. Another useful way is to use new words in phrases. That is why it is very important not only to read texts but also to retell them.

Another important part of learning English is to practise the correct pronunciation. You can train English pronunciation by listening to audio records with special lessons. Another option is to watch English films without any translation. But, of course, the best way to practise the language is to have a possibility of speaking with native speakers. 

I'm absolutely sure that the knowledge of the English language will help me in future to find a good and interesting job. 

Я начал изучать английский язык, когда мне было шесть лет. Мои первые шаги были сделаны в школе в первом классе. Я не помню, много о моих первых уроках английского языка, потому что это было довольно давно, и мне было всего шесть лет. Но я рад, что я начал изучать английский язык, когда я был так молод, потому что теперь лексический запас довольно большой.

Я думаю, что это очень важно знать английский язык в настоящее время. Прежде всего, английский язык является одним из самых важных международных языков в мире. Этот язык занимает второе место по количеству людей, которые говорят по-английски (после китайского языка ). Надо понимать английский, потому что очень много книг и литературы написано на этом языке. Без знания английского языка очень трудно использовать компьютер, а компьютер становится в настоящее время неотъемлемой частью нашей жизни. Кроме того, английский язык является важным ключом к пониманию традиции, культуры и экономики различных зарубежных стран.

Когда вы изучаете английский очень важно читать разные книги на английском языке. Таким образом вы можете найти и изучить различные новые слова. Для меня самый простой способ заучивания новых слов, это найти ассоциации с некоторыми русскими словами. Другой полезный способ — использовать новые слова вл фразах. Именно поэтому очень важно не только читать тексты, но и пересказывать их.

Другой важной частью изучения английского языка заключается в практике правильное произношение. Вы можете тренировать английское произношение, слушая аудиозаписи на специальных уроках. Другим вариантом является просмотр английских фильмов без перевода. Но, конечно, лучший способ практиковать язык, это иметь возможность говорить с носителями языка.

Я абсолютно уверен, что знание английского языка поможет мне в будущем найти хорошую и интересную работу .


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