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Олимпиада по английскому 9 класс

Олимпиадные задания с ответами по английскому языку для 9 класса

Олимпиада по английскому 9 класс. Задание 1: READING.


Read the text and choose from the sentences A-F the one which fits each gap (1-5).
There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.


In the swamplands and along the river banks of the Amazon and the Orinoco there lives a bird that swims before it can fly, flies like a fat chicken, eats green leaves, has the stomach of a cow and has claws on its wings when young. (1) …… It is called the hoatzin.


(2) …… Male and female look very much alike with brown on the back and cream and rusty red underneath. The head is small, with a large crest on the top, bright red eyes, and electric blue skin. Its nearest relatives are the cuckoos. Its most remarkable feature, though, is not found in the adult but in the young.


Baby hoatzins have a claw on the leading edge of each wing and another at the end of each wing tip. Using these four claws, together with the beak, they can clamber about in the undergrowth, looking very much like primitive birds must have done. The hoatzin, however, could not be considered primitive. (3) ……


During the drier months between December and March hoatzins fly about the forest in flocks containing 20-30 birds, but in April, when the rainy season begins, they collect together in smaller breeding units of two to seven individuals. (4) ……


When danger threatens, in the form of a snake or a monkey, the young hoatzins – maybe three in one nest – dive over the side and into the river. (5) …… When they have learned to fly they lose their claws and escape predators not by swimming but by flapping off, in a rather ungainly fashion, to a neighboring tree.



They build their nests about 4.6m above the river, an important feature for the survival of the young.



Another peculiarity of the chick is its ability to swim well if it falls into water.



It would not be out of place in Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, but it is real.



They swim about under the water until it is safe to return and then, using their claws, haul themselves up through the branches and back to the nest.



In appearance, the adult looks like a cross between a domestic chicken and a secretary bird.



It is a highly specialized bird.




Олимпиада по английскому 9 класс. Задание 2: USAGE.

1. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.


One morning last week I realized that my bike (1) ……. stolen from my garden. I phoned the police and two officers called at my house the next day. They (2)……..me if I had seen or heard  anything. I told (3)……..I had been out that evening, and hadn’t noticed anything suspicious when I came home. ‘If I had seen anything, I (4)……..you,’ I replied. ‘It was raining hard too. If the weather (5)……..so bad, I would have ridden my bike.’ The officers told me that lots of people (6)……..their bikes stolen lately. ‘The thieves (7)……..to have put the bikes in a van,’ said one of the officers. ‘I (8)……..I had known about that,’ I said. ‘I saw a black van that evening. In fact, it (9)……..opposite my house.’ The officers asked me what the van’s number (10)…….., but I couldn’t remember. ‘(11)……..you saw the van again, (12)……..you recognize it?’ one of them asked. ‘It (13)…….. painting. I remember that,’ I replied. However, there was a happy ending to this story. After the officers had left, I (14)……..by a friend of mine. ‘By the way,’ she said,’(15)……..you want your bike, I’ll bring it back this afternoon. I borrowed it a couple of days ago.’





had been


had had itself


had not

























had called


would have called





wouldn't be


hadn't been


wouldn’t have been





had had


had to have







are thought


have thought


are thinking












was parked


had parking


is parked


has parked
































had been


looked like





called up


was phoned


had a phone call


heard some news





if only




as long as


2. Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


Unusual beliefs

Despite the fact that this is now the 21st century,  an (1) _______ number of  English  people appear to    (2) ________ in  the  paranormal. What  is  the (3) __________ for this?

(4) _________ have found the answers to many of our questions, but the more (5) _______ we make, the more we want to know. The (6) _______ need for (7) ________ that we have appears to be very strong. For this reason, a belief in the (8) ______ of aliens, and especially, the (9) ________ of contact with alien life forms is (10) ________ common.


     (1) INCREASE

     (2) BELIEF

     (3) EXPLAIN


     (5) DISCOVER


     (7) SECURE

     (8) EXIST

     (9) POSSIBLE

     (10) EXTREME


Олимпиада по английскому 9 класс. Задание 3: QUIZ.

Choose the correct answer:


1. The British Monarch traditionally meets the Heads of the foreign states in

a)            Westminster Palace

b)            The Tower

c)            Buckingham Palace


2. In Westminster Abbey the tourists are shown

a)            The Queen Victoria Memorial

b)            mosaic decorations

c)            The Coronation Chair


3. When the Monarch opens Parliament, he/she sits

a)            on the throne in the House of Lords

b)            on the woolsack

c)            on the Speaker’s Chair in the House of Commons


4. The Official Birthday of the British Monarch is celebrated in

a)            May

b)            June

c)            April


5. Which of these monuments was erected to commemorate the Great Fire of London?

a)            Nelson’s Column

b)            Marble Arch

c)            The Monument


6. The Highland Games take place in __________________ .

a)            Glasgow

b)            Edinburgh

c)            All cities across Scotland


7. In front of Buckingham Palace you will see _______________ .

a)            Queen Victoria Monument

b)            Walter Scott Monument

c)            Wellington Memorial


8. It has been rebuilt many times over its 1,000 year history, once it was a palace, today it is __________ .

a)            St. Paul’s Cathedral

b)            Buckingham Palace

c)            The Houses of Parliament


9. Many famous politicians and military men are buried at _______________ .

a)            Lake District

b)            Edinburgh Castle

c)            St. Paul’s Cathedral


10. Its ruins stand as a symbol of the Roman Empire’s greatness.

a)            Stonehenge

b)            Walter Scott Memorial

c)            Hadrian’s Wall



Ключи к олимпиадным заданиям по английскому для 9 класса




1. C

2. E

3. F

4. A

5. D






























































































1.  c

2.  c

3.  a

4.  b

5.  c

6.  c

7.  a

8. c

9. c

10. c



Олимпиадные задания по английскому в 9 классе с ответами


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Задания олимпиады по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами фгос |

Раздел 1. Аудирование

Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

The city can boast the ancient…

a) theatre b) cinema d) library

The amphitheatre has … seats on both levels.

a) nineteen b) forty two c) twenty three

The high parapet proves that …

a) there are five entrances onto the stage b) fights were held there

c) spectators used to walk there

The form of the stadium resembles the letter …

a)T b) U c) V

The stadium used to hold … twenty thousand people.

a) much than b) more than c) less than

… was decorated with statues of athletes.

a) The stadium b) The stage c) A huge building

Two in every three of the spaces were …

a) the stadium b) the theatre c) shops

… shops are connected to each other.

a) All the b) Some of the c) Modern

The wall to separate a part of the stadium was built … .

a) not long ago b) in the third century c) recently

The guide wants to show the … .

a) suburbs b) castle c) main street

Раздел 2. Чтение. Задание 1

Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и текстами 1-5. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

Joke D. Fairy- tale
Poem E. The most popular fiction
Gardening F. Retrospection

I sit and wait

Does an angel contemplate my fate?

And do they know?

The places where we go

When we are grey and old?

— What your husband needs, Mrs. Lopez, is a complete rest. I have prescribed sleeping pills.

Very well, doctor. How should he take them?
He shouldn`t, take them yourself.

I claim to smoke for pleasure but I realize that slowly I am losing control and I hate that. I feel I`m already cooked.

What kind of person are you really?
I follow my first instincts. In a retrospect I am a “Why do you do that” type of person.
If you are leaving in emergency what three things would you take?
A toothbrush, a change of underwear, and my camera with a flash.

The genre of detective stories is one of the most popular nowadays both in Britain and in Russia. Detective stories together with romances are sold in millions of copies all over the world. That is what we prefer.

If you want your flower to grow constantly within summer, water them regularly and fertilizer in a proper way as the instruction demands.






Задание 2

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 частями предложений, обозначенными буквами A-G. Одна из частей в списке A-G лишняя. Занесите букву, обозначающую соответствующую часть предложения, в таблицу.

William Blake (1757-1827) is today regarded as one of the most original English writers and artists, 1___________________________________________.

Born in London, he spent most of his years in the centre of the capital, but 2___________________; the streets of the metropolis became for him windows to infinite time and space.

Blake`s visions began early, and throughout his life he experienced what was, for him, direct contact with spirits of the long-dead, with angels, God and the devil. While modern psychiatry would consider Blake to have been under the spell of hallucinations, 3___________________________.

He was also not shy in describing the sources of his inspiration to his friends and colleagues. The eccentric reputation he thus gained did little to help him to commercial success; for most of his life his work was neglected, 4____________________________________.

But while his work was often out of step with his time, few of the best artists of his day doubted his technical ability. Trained as an engraver, he pushed forward the boundaries of that art by his own innovations, and combined it with his poetry to such an extent 5_____________________________. Among the best known (and easiest to understand) of his hand-illustrated books are Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, 6________________________________________________.

and he often lived near to poverty
yet during his lifetime he was largely ignored and often called mad
that one cannot be properly understood without the other
for him the vision were real and directly inspired and guided his art
his visionary powers transformed everything around him
which contain some of the simplest and most beautiful lyrics in the English language
he never quite left home







Раздел 3. Грамматика и лексика.

1. Put the correct word.

1. Where is Kate? She _____ tennis.

A. plays B. is playing C. play D. played

2. ______ not any glass in the windows, that is why ____ so cold in the room.

A. It is, there is B. It was, there is C. There are, it is D. There is, it is

3. She was tired and asked me _____ make so much noise.

A. didn’t B. did not to C. not D. not to

4. Both Steve ______ Jane ______ here.

A. or, is B. and, is C. or, are D. and, are

5. I didn’t know if he needed any help. _______ ?

A. So did I B. Neither did I C. So didn’t I D. Neither didn’t I

6. ___ President of ___ United States lives in ____ White House in ___ Washington D.C.

A. -, the, the, — B. -, the, -, the C. -, -, the, the D. The, the, the, —

7. I have my English class ___ Monday morning.

A. in B. at C. for D. on

8. _____ breakfast yet? Yes, I ____.

A. Did you have, have B. Had you had, have C. Have you had, have D. Do you have, had

9. I was late. The teacher ___ a test when I ___ to class.

A. has already given, got B. had already given, got C. has already given, get D. was already giving, get

10. How long will it ___ to do the homework?

A. need her B. take her C. she take D. she need

11. Mary has never been to London, ____ she?

A. has B. did C. hasn’t D. didn’t

12. According ___ the list he was the 10th.

A. to B. at C. on D. for

13. He grew up in New England, ____?

A. don’t you B. didn’t he C. doesn’t he D. did he

14. Lorena is ____ girl I have ever met.

A. the most beautiful B. a more beautiful C. the beautifulest D. most beautiful

15. Newspapers and magazines ____ just by the postman.

A. have been bring B. has been brought C. have been brought D. were bought

16. I haven’t got ______ money with me.

A. no B. some C. any D. a

17. He said he _____ that man before.

A. never met B. did not meet C. had never met D. did not never meet

18. When I ______ the children ______ television peacefully.

A. came, watched B. came, were watching C. was coming, were watching D. was coming, watched

19. Have you ever been _____ Paris.

A. in B. to C. at D. through

20. Who ____ Phil with his homework?

A. does help B. helps C. do help D. help

21. The train ______ at 5 o’clock.

A. will leave B. leaves C. leave D. is leaving

22. My sister ____ some new clothes last week.

A. had bought B. bought C. was buying D. have bought

23. The tickets ____ yesterday.

A. was sold B. sold C. were sold D. sell

24. Lisa said that she ______ this book.

A. buys B. bought C. has bought D. had bought

25. She _____ to Moscow, if she _____ her homework.

A. go, will do B. goes, does C. will go, does D. will go, do

2. Word formation. Form a word that fits.


School inspectors have found that contrary to all (0) expectations (EXPECT)

children don`t (1)_________________( LIKE )homework at all. In fact, many do more than their teachers suggest, either because of (2) ___________ (ANXIOUS) about their marks or simply for (3) __________ (ENJOY). The inspectors` findings add to the evidence of the (4) __________ (POWER) beneficial effects of homework on pupils` (5) _________ (ACHIEVE).

The inspectors also recommend the (6) _________ (INTRODUCE) of “homework charters”. These tell parents and children how much (7) ________ (ADD) work is expected and provide (8) __________ (ENCOURAGE) to schools to form links with parents who can check that tasks are (9) ___________ (PROPER) completed. International (10) ___________ (COMPARE) suggest that a typical 14-year-old does 6 hours homework in Britain, 8 hours in Italy, and almost 9 hours in Hungary, Japan and Poland.

Раздел 4. Culture Quiz

Choose a, b, c or d to answer the questions

What is the most ancient sight in Great Britain?

a) the Tower of London b) Stonehenge c) Hadrian`s Wall d) Warwick Castle

What do British people call “La Manche”?

a) the British Channel b) the English Channel c) the French Channel d) the Irish Channel

When did the Romans first invade Britain?

a) in 55 AD b) in 55 BC c) in 155 BC d) in 155 AD

What is the British Royal Family`s surname?

a) Lancaster b) York c) Windsor d) Hanover

Which is the longest?

a) an inch b) a mile c) a kilometer d) a yard

Of how many states was the USA initially composed?

a) 10 b) 11 c ) 12 d) 13

Which of the following English proverbs corresponds to «Своя рубаха ближе к телу»?

a) Every cloud has its silver lining. b) Clothes make the man.

c) Every bird likes its own nest. d) Charity begins at home

What is an “English breakfast”?

a) an early meal b) a substantial breakfast c) a quick breakfast d) cold leftovers

What is the British money today?

a) euros b) dollars c) pounds d) crowns

Who wrote “Winnie-the-Pooh”?

a) A. Milne b) L. Carroll c) O. Wilde d) J.R. Tolkien

Раздел 5. Письмо.

Comment on the following statement.

Some people argue that in the modern world it is necessary to be able to speak at least two foreign languages. Others say that it is better to know one foreign language very well than to have poor command of two foreign languages.

What is your opinion?

Write 200 — 250 words

Use the following plan:

— make an introduction (state the problem)

— express your personal opinion and give reasons for it

— give arguments for the other point of view

— explain why you don`t agree with it

— draw a conclusion

Использованная литература:


2. К.С. Махмурян, О.П. Мельчина: Олимпиады по английскому языку для 9 – 11 классов; Титул; 2013.

Раздел 1. Аудирование:

1 балл за каждый правильный ответ – всего 10 баллов

1a, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8b, 9b, 10c

Раздел 2. Чтение: 1 балл за каждый правильный ответ – всего 11 баллов

1. 1B, 2A, 3F,4E, 5C

2. 1B, 2G, 3D, 4A, 5C, 6F

Раздел 3. Грамматика и лексика

1 балл за каждый правильный ответ – всего 25 баллов:

1. 1) B; 2) D; 3) D; 4) D; 5) B; 6) D; 7) D; 8) C; 9) B; 10) B; 11) A; 12) A; 13) B; 14) A; 15) C; 16) C; 17) C; 18) B; 19) B; 20) B; 21) B; 22) B; 23) C; 24) D; 25) C

2. 1балл за каждый правильный ответ – всего 10 баллов:

1. dislike 2. anxiety

3. enjoyment 4. powerful

5. achievement 6. introduction

7. additional 8. encouragement

9. properly 10. comparisons

Раздел 4. Страноведение

1 балл за каждый правильный ответ – всего 10 баллов:

1b, 2b, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6d, 7d, 8b, 9c,10a

Раздел 5. Письмо — 14 баллов

Общая сумма баллов работы – 80


Готовимся к олимпиадам

 Этот раздел предназначен для тех, кто готовится к олимпиадам по английскому языку, а также для всех тех, кто хочет проверить свои знания на более высоком уровне  с помощью заданий, отличающихся от традиционных школьных. Так как все упражнения реальных олимпиад выполняются онлайн, учителя могут порекомендовать своим учащимся самостоятельно поработать на сайте. Результаты выводятся автоматически сразу после выполнения. Все материалы сгруппированы по этапам, возрастным категориям и виду речевой деятельности.


5-6 класс школьный этап     Reading 1  2      Use of English 1,2

7-8 класс школьный этап     Reading 1  2      Use of English 1,2    

7-8 класс муниципальный   Reading  1  2    Use of English 1  2

9-11 класс школьный этап   Reading 1  2      Use of English 1  2 9-11 класс муниципальный                             Use of English 1  2


Олимпиады прошлых лет

Школьный этап

5-6 класс

2017-2018             Listening 1          Reading 1  2          Use of English 1  3 

2016-2017         Listening           Reading            Use of English

2015-2016         Listening           Reading           Use of English

7-8 класс

2017-2018            Listening 1         Reading 1        Use of English 1  2

2016-2017             Listening           Reading            Use of English

2015-2016            Listening           Reading            Use of English

9-11 класс

2018-2019           Listening 1        Reading 1         Use of English  1  2


           Listening 1          Reading 1         Use of English2016-2017           Listening             Reading              Use of English

2015-2016           Listening             Reading              Use of English

Муниципальный этап

9-11 класс

2017-2018           Listening 1         Reading         Use of English

Региональный этап


Видео для учеников и учителей





Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами

I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

Enrico Caruso, a famous Italian singer, often said, «No one is so well-known as he thinks.» He knew it by his own experience. Once he came to the United States to give concerts. One day he was driving to New York and his car broke down. It was near the farm and he asked the farmer to help him repair the car. When the car was repaired, Caruso paid the farmer for his work and gave him his photograph with his name on it. The farmer read the name on the photograph and cried out, «What a luck! I’ve never dreamed of receiving the greatest traveller Robinson Crusoe in my house!»


1. What did Caruso know by his own experience?

2. Who did the farmer, take Caruso for?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

Once he came to the US to give concerts.

III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.

When he (1 — be) twenty-three years old Paul Morel (2 — send) a landscape to the winter picture show at Nottingham Castle. His pictures already (3 — admire) greatly and (4 — talk) much about.

One morning the young postman (5 — come) just as Paul (6 — wash up) in the kitchen. Suddenly Paul (7 — hear) a loud cry that (8 — come) from the front door. He (9 — hurry) to the door and (10 — find) his mother with a letter in her hand that the postman (11 — hand) to her.

Mrs Morel (12 — cry): «Hurrah!»

Paul (13 – surprise) and (14 – shock). «Why, Mother!» he (15 — exclaim). «Hurrah, my boy! I (16 — know) you (17 — get) it!» He (18 — be) afraid for her — that small woman with grey hair who (19 — cry) so excitedly. The postman (20 — come) back, as he (21 — be) afraid something (22 — happen). Mrs Morel (23 — open) the door to him.

«His picture (24 — get) the first prize, Fred!» she (25 — cry).

«And it (26 — buy) by a Major Moreton!»

The young postman, whom they (27 — know) all their life (28 — be) glad he (29 — bring) such an important letter.

«The letter (30 — say) how much the picture (31 — sell) for?»

«It (32 – sell) for 20 guineas!»

Paul (33 — follow) his mother into the room. He (34 — be) sure she (35 — make) some mistake reading the letter and now he (36 — want) to read it. He slowly (37 — read) the letter over unable to believe that it (38 — be) true.

«Mother!» he (39 – exclaim).

«Didn’t I say we (40 – do) it, Paul!»

IV. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When she arrived we … dinner.

a) have had, b) were having, c) are having, d) will have.

2. He … school this year.

a) finished, b) was finished, c) has finished, d) is finished.

3. They … by 5 o’clock.

a) returned, b) had returned, c) have returned, d) has returned.

4. I wonder when we … their letter.

a) receive, b) have received, c) will receive, d) are receiving.

5. … you do me a favour?

a) can, b) may, c) should, d) need.

6. He … spend more time in the open air.

a) has, b) need, c) should, d) ought.

7. Tom works … at his English.

a) hard, b) hardly, c) well, d) badly.

8. My car … repairing.

a) must, b) must be, c) needs, d) hasn’t.

9. Have you seen the film … ?

a) already, b) ever, c) yet, d) just.

10. Ann enjoys … to classical music.

a) to listen, b) listening, c) being listened, d) having listened.

11. What did you…?

a) speak, b) talk, c) say, d) tell.

12. He spent his childhood in … Scotland.

a) a, b) an, c) the, d) — .

13. John is twice as … as his sister.

a) old, b) older, c) oldest, d) the oldest.

14. She did … she had been told.

a) like, b) as, c) how, d) as well as.

15. Her grandmother is … 70.

a) near, b) nearly, c) close, d) closely.

16. … snowing at night.

a) It is, b) It was, c) There is, d) There was.

17. I haven’t done … wrong.

a) something, b) anything, c) nothing, d) no.

18. He heard somebody … .

a) talking, b) talked, c) to talk, d) being talked.

19. Mother … to return on Sunday.

a) expects, b) expected, c) has expected, d) is expected.

20. He … two foreign languages in childhood.

a) taught, b) has taught, c) is taught, d) was taught.

V. Переведите на английский язык.

1. Она уже закончила школу, да?

2. Интересно, на каких еще иностранных языках он         говорит.

3. Мои часы на 5 минут спешат.

4. Это произошло много лет назад.

5. Мы знали, что он сдержит обещание, если ничего нс слу чится.

VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. The Irish Sea is … .

a) to the west of England, b) to the east of England, c) to the north of England, d) to the south of England.

2. The official language of Canada is … .

а) English, b) French, c) English and French, d) English and Spanish.

3. The capital of the US is ….

a) New York, b) Washington, c) Boston, d) Philadelphia.

4. On the whole the climate of Great Britain is … .

a) dry, b) frosty, c) mild, d) tropical.

5. Elisabeth II lives in … .

a) No 10, Downing Street, b) the Tower of London, c) Buckingham Palace, d) Westminster Palace.


Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс городской этап с ответами |

Олимпиада по английскому языку включает в себя следующие разделы:

I. Письмо.( 45 минут)

Участникам предлагается написать сочинение на конкретную тему. Объем сочинения не должен превышать 200-250 слов.

II. Лексико-грамматический тест. ( 45 минут)

Тест состоит из двух частей A и B. В первой части участникам предлагается выбрать единственно правильный ответ из четырех вариантов. Во второй части требуется преобразовать слова, напечатанные прописными буквами в скобках, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

III. Чтение. ( 60 минут)

Первая часть (A) нацелена на полное понимание предложенного фабульного текста путем выполнения задания на выбор правильного варианта.

Вторая часть (В) представляет собой страноведческий тест с заданиями на частичное понимание.

IV. Аудирование.(30 минут)

Участникам предлагается прослушать текст и выполнить задание на определение истинности высказывания.

V. Устная речь.

Устная речь представлена в двух частях: монологическое высказывание и диалог по предложенным темам.

Критерия оценивания

Письмо – 20

Лексико-грамматический тест – 20

Чтение — 20

Аудирование – 20

Устная речь – 20

Максимальное количество баллов — 100

Муниципальный этап

Всероссийской олимпиады школьников

по английскому языку

9-11 классы, 2010 год

Часть 1. Письмо

It is no wonder that the Internet has become one of the most important things of our everyday life. It suggests a lot of social projects like “Odnoklassniki”, “In the Contact”, “Facebook”, etc.

Ответьте на вопрос: “What are the advantages and drawbacks of such type of communication and the way of making friends?” и напишите сочинение (200 – 250) слов.















































Муниципальный этап

Всероссийской олимпиады школьников

по английскому языку

9-11 классы, 2010 год

Часть 2. Лексико-грамматический тест


Выберите правильный ответ, обводя его кружком.

1. This money ______ not enough to buy the book.

a) are c) have

b) is d) has

2. She made her husband ______ the tree.

a) to cut down c) to have cut down

b) cut down d) cutting down

3. You _______ nothing unless you ______ a microscope.

It is the most interesting specimen I ______.

a) see, don’t use, ever see c) will see, use, have ever seen

b) will see, don’t use, have ever seen d) won’t see, won’t use, ever saw

4. You ______ to prepare the room for our guests. They _____ arrive tomorrow or the day after.

a) must, must c) can, can

b) may, may d) need, may

5. She looks ______ today.

a) happily c) happy

b) nicely d) beautifully

6. His hands are dirty. He ______ the car.

a) repaired c) will repair

b) repairs d) has been repairing

7. The ______ document worried me.

a) lost c) losing

b) being lost d) having lost

8. It was far ______ than he expected, so he made up his mind to spend twice as ______ money as he had wanted.

a) more cheaper, more c) the cheapest, the most

b) more cheap, a lot d) cheaper, much

9. It is ______ how ideas come, like a _______ of lightening.

a) funnily, stroke c) funny, clap

b) funny, flash d) funnily, bit

10. Near the centre of _____ City there stand ____ St. Paul’s Cathedral, ____ Bank of England, ____ Royal Exchange, ____ Stock Exchange, and the rest of ____ London’s financial district.

a) the, the, the, the, the, the c) ____, _____, the, _____, _____, the

b) the, _____, the, the, the, _____ d) ____, the, ____, _____, _____, _____

11. They don’t think so, ______.

a) so do you c) neither I do

b) so I do d) neither do I

12. Nobody knew where ______ at the moment.

a) she was c) she is

b) she has been d) she had been

13. She kept ______ they must be economical ______ they were not rich.

a) on saying, though c) saying, since

b) say, till d) to say, as

14. _____ computers are used extensively in scientific _____ to solve mathematical problems, display complicated data, or model systems that are too ______ or impractical to build.

a) The, researches, cost c) ____, research, costly

b) The, research, cost d) ____, researches, costly

15. Is _______ knocking at the door?

a) nobody c) somebody

b) anybody d) some

16. Alaska _____ to the United States since 1867, when it _____ from Russia by Secretary of State William H. Seward.

a) belonged, has been bought с) has been belonged, was bought

b) had belonged, has been bought d) has belonged, was bought

17. Tourism is _____ important; the country _____ 1.2 million visitors in 1998.

a) increasingly, has had c) increasingly, had

b) more increasingly, had d) the most increasing, has had

18. Their house is ______ to the school.

a) close c) near

b) nearly d) closely

19. Have you had your lunch _______ ? – No, I’m going to do it now.

a) already c) just

b) still d) yet

20. They were designed to serve ______ all-inclusive textbooks and thus differed _____ modern encyclopedias, which serve chiefly _____ reference sources.

a) as, in, as c) like, in, like

b) like, from, like d) as, from, as.


Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные прописными буквами в скобках, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Scarlet fever is an (1) ______ (INFECTION) disease, caused by bacteria, which usually enter the body through the nose or mouth. The disease most (2) _____ (COMMON) affects children between the ages of two and ten. The typical (3) _____ (INITIALIZE) symptoms of the disease are headache, sore throat, chills and fever. From two to three days after the first (4) ______ (APPEAR) of symptoms, red spots may emerge on the tongue, called “strawberry tongue”. A characteristic skin (5) ______ (ERUPT) appears on the chest and usually spreads over the entire body except the face. The fever, which frequently runs as high as 40° to 40.6°C, generally lasts only a few days but may extend to a week or (6) _____ (LONG). The rash usually fades in a week, and at that time the skin begins to peel. Other diseases may become (7) ______ (COMPLICATE) of scarlet fever, for example, pneumonia. Since the introduction of penicillin, however, scarlet fever can be cured without the (8) ______ (OCCUR) of permanent after-effects.









Муниципальный этап

Всероссийской олимпиады школьников

по английскому языку

9-11 классы, 2010 год

Часть 3. Чтение


Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1 – 5.

There are still some rich people in the world. Many of them lead lives of particular pleasure. But rich people do have their problems. They are seldom problems of finance, since most rich people have enough sense to hire other people to take care of their worries. But there are other, more genuine problems. They are the problems of behaviour.

Let me tell you a story which happened to my uncle Octavian a full thirty years ago. At that time I myself was fifteen. Uncle Octavian was then a rich man. He was a charming host whose villa was very popular among the great. He was a hospitable man until January 3, 1925.

There was nothing special about that day in the life of Uncle Octavian, except that it was his fifty-fifth birthday. As usual on such a day he was giving a party for twelve people. All of them were old friends.

I, myself, aged fifteen, was deeply privileged. As a special surprise on this happy day, I was allowed to come down to dinner. It was exciting for me to be admitted to such company, which included a newspaper editor of exceptional intelligence and his fabulous American wife, a recent prime-minister of France and a German prince and a princess. Even today, 30 years later, one may fairly admit that the company was unbelievably great. But I should also stress that they were all old and close friends of Uncle Octavian.

Towards the end of a wonderful dinner, when dessert had been brought in and the servants had left, my uncle leant forward to admire a magnificent diamond ring on the princess’s hand. She was a pretty woman. She turned her hand gracefully towards my uncle. Across the table, the newspaper editor leant across and said: «May I also have a look?» She smiled and nodded. Then she took off the ring and held it out to him. «It was my grandmother’s – the old empress,» she said. «I have not worn it for many years. It is said to have once belonged to Genghis Khan».

There were exclamations of delight and admiration. The ring was passed from hand to hand. For a moment it rested on my own palm, gleaming splendidly. Then I passed it on to the neat person. As I turned away again, I saw her pass it on.

It was some 20 minutes later when the princess stood up and said: «Before we leave you, may I have my ring back?» There was a pause, while we looked expectantly at each other. Then there was silence. The princess was still smiling, though less easily. She was unused to asking for things twice. The silence continued, I still thought that it could only be a practical joke, and that one of us – probably the prince himself – would produce the ring with a laugh. But when nothing happened at all, I knew that the rest of the night would be dreadful.

I am sure that you can guess the sort of scene that followed. The guests were really confused – all of them, old and valued friends. There was a nervous search of the whole room. But it did not bring the princess’ ring back again. It had vanished – a priceless thing, worth possibly two hundred thousand pounds – in a roomful of twelve people, all known to each other.

No servants had entered the room. No one had left it for a moment. The thief was one of us, one of Uncle Octavian’s close friends.

I remember it was the French cabinet minister who had already started to turn out his pockets, before my uncle stopped him. «There will be no search in my house,» he commanded. «You are all my friends. The ring can only be lost. If it is not found» – he bowed towards the princess – «I will naturally repay its cost myself.»

The ring was never found, it never appeared, either then or later.

To our family’s surprise, Uncle Octavian was a comparatively poor man, when he died. And I should say that he died with the special sadness of a hospitable host who never gave a single lunch or dinner party for the last thirty years of his life.

Задания 1 – 4. Ответьте на вопрос, выбрав одну букву, соответствующую правильному ответу, обводя ее кружком.

1. What kind of man was Uncle Octavian thirty years ago?

a) Uncle Octavian was a rich and snobbish man.

b) Uncle Octavian was a rich man and a charming host.

c) Uncle Octavian was a comparatively poor man who liked to invite rich people.

d) Uncle Octavian was a rude and greedy man.

2. In what way did he want to celebrate his fifty-fifth birthday?

a) He decided to invite his relatives.

b) He wanted to celebrate his birthday in a small group of three-four close friends.

c) He was giving a party for twelve people who were old and close friends of his.

d) The whole city was going to celebrate Uncle Octavian’s birthday.

3. What was peculiar about the princess’ ring?

a) Her grandmother had not worn it for many years since the princess was born.

b) The prince produced this ring at the party as a present to the princess.

c) It was a useless thing of no worth at all.

d) It was a magnificent diamond ring once belonged to an outstanding woman.

4. Who was the thief?

a) The thief was Uncle Octavian because he wanted to repay the cost of the lost ring.

b) The thief was the French cabinet minister because he tried to turn out his pockets.

c) The thief was the prince himself because he wanted to make a joke.

d) The ring was never found because Uncle Octavian didn’t want to search his close friends.

Задание 5. Дайте развернутый ответ на следующий вопрос: “Problems of behaviour– what are they? Have you ever run across them? What do you know about them?”

Муниципальный этап

Всероссийской олимпиады школьников

по английскому языку

9-11 классы, 2010 год


Страноведческий тест

Установите, о каких национальных эмблемах Великобритании (темы A – E) идет речь в текстах 1 – 4. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.

А. ROSE D. SHAMROCK (клевер)

B. DAFFODIL (нарцисс) E. LILAC (сирень)

C. THISTLE (чертополох)

1. It is the national flower of Wales. One sort of this flower grows only in a small area around Tenby. In Wales it is traditional to wear this flower on Saint David’s Day (March 1). This has led to suggestions that the name of the plant may have been influenced by the name «Dafydd,» a Welsh form of «David». In some other countries the yellow variation of the flower is associated with Easter.

2. It is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England and takes its name and origins from the Tudor dynasty. Henry Tudor took the crown of England from Richard III in battle. That was the end of the Wars of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. His father was Edmund Tudor from the House of Richmond, and his mother was Margaret Beaufort from the House of Lancaster; he married Elizabeth of York to stop all conflicts. The symbol is often depicted in two colours – white on red and is always described, heraldically, as «proper».

3. It is a symbol of Ireland. It is a three-leafed old white clover. The plant was traditionally used for its medical properties. According to the legend it was used by Saint Patrick to illustrate the idea of the Trinity (the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Organizations, businesses and places around the world with links to Ireland often use this plant to advertise their connections.

4. It has been the national emblem of Scotland since the time of Alexander III (1249–1286) and was used on silver coins. According to the legend, the Norse army tried to attack the Scots army at night. During this operation one Norseman, who had no boots on, stepped upon this plant and cried with pain. The Scots woke up and met the Norse army. The plant prefers dry summer; it grows in sandy soils which are rich in salts. It may grow along roadsides, in fields, and agricultural areas.

Ответьте на вопросы, обводя правильный вариант кружком:

1) Which of these plants comes from the word «David»?

2) Which of these plants was traditionally used for its medical properties?

3) Which of these plants origins from the Tudor dynasty?

4) Which of these plants woke up the Scots?

5) Which of these plants illustrates the idea of the Trinity?

6) Which of these plants is often depicted in two colours?

7) Which of these plants grows in sandy soils?

8) Which of these plants is associated with Easter?

1) A B C D E

3) A B C D E

5) A B C D E

7) A B C D E

2) A B C D E

4) A B C D E

6) A B C D E

8) A B C D E


Всероссийская олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами

9 gr. Reading

You are going to read a newspaper article about exploring the oceans. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A — H for each part (1-6) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


Know your own planet.


Robot close-ups.


A very special ship.


Solo exploration.


We’ll never get there.


Living under water.


Solution to a problem.


The ocean floor on TV.

Exploring the Depths of the Ocean

0   D                                                                               2                                   4

Doctor Bob Ballard is an aquanaut -an explorer of the world’s seas and oceans. He has visited the bottom of oceans in a mini-submarine and explored such things as the Titanic and the German battleship the Bismark. Most recently he has discovered the ship Lusitania, which sank off the coast of Ireland in 1915. Ballard has made these visits alone since he joined the Deep Submergence Laboratory in 1967.


But making these visits was very difficult. The mini-submarines which only seat one man take over two hours to reach the sea-bed, and then can only stay there for three hours. Because of these problems, Ballard has developed two robot submarines which send him information 24 hours a day. These robots are known as the Argo-Jason system. The Argo is lowered by cable from a ship on the surface of the ocean and can follow the floor of the ocean, sending back new information which enables Ballard and his team to make maps.

The Jason, however, is smaller and is a true robot. It can move completely independently across the ocean floor. Although it was still attached to the surface ship, it actually went inside the Titanic. Jason has two control systems. It can be directed from the surface ship, or it can be programmed by computer before it goes down. Either ways, it is small enough to get within a centimetre of its target.


 At one time, the quality of the pictures Jason sent back to the ship was not very good. New technology, however, has enabled Jason to send back clear, full colour television pictures to the surface ship. An operator can sit in the ship, surrounded by television screens, and see everything Jason is filming. Ballard says it is almost the same as being in the submarine himself. At his home by the sea in America, Ballard has built an electronic centre. By using satellite links he can send other robots, just like Jason, to various underwater spots all over the world -without ever leaving his house!

But Ballard says that only a tiny part of the ocean floor has been explored. For example, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a huge underwater mountain range, is the earth’s largest geographical feature. But man had already walked on the moon before it was even discovered under the ocean.


 Ballard also dreams of people living under the sea in the 21st century. He believes that problems such as energy shortage and overcrowding can be resolved by man making use of parts of the ocean. He believes that people think that Mars is a friendlier place to live than under the sea, and that many are afraid of the idea. But he says that people have always been afraid of the unknown, and that we must rise above these fears


 The first step towards living under water would be in something called the flip-ship. It floats vertically so that the walls become floors and ceilings. It is easy to move, but when it is placed on its side it is also a very stable vessel. The waves just roll past and do not cause any disturbance to the ship A model of this ship has already been tried out successfully in America.

Grammar  in  Use 9 gr.

Part 1

Word formation.

Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given at the end. As you do the exercise think about the kind of word that is needed in the sentence — verb, noun, or adjective.

1. Flowers… bees.

1    attractive

2. You should be more … with your money.

2      care

3. Is there  an …?

3   explain

4. They consulted a very…lawyer.

4  experience

5. These birds … their nests out of straw.

5  building

6. We are … of our district                   


7.1 was at the ….        try

  1. This piece of music was … for the piano.        composition
  2. The young man was very … to the old lady and did everything for her.


10.        Shall I make the …? Robert, this is Julia.        introduce


7.1 was at the ….        try

  1. This piece of music was … for the piano.        composition
  2. The young man was very … to the old lady and did everything for her.


10.        Shall I make the …? Robert, this is Julia.        introduce

 6  pride

7. This piece of music was … for the piano.    7composition


8.The young man was very … to the old lady and did everything for her.

                                                                                     8.  attention  

9.        Shall I make  the …? Robert, this is Julia.   9 Introduce

Part 2

Tense mixture. Decide which answer А, В, С or D best fits each space.

1  Boxtel who  2   the government about the letters in Van Baerle’s  house. Through his telescope he  had seen  Cornelious De Witte  3   the letters to his brother. He thought  that  these  4  secret letters about matters of government.»Oh!» he said, «I  5 the officers of the government about this. As soon as he  6  away I shall go into his house and  7  the bulbs of the Black tulip and get the hundred thousand guilders.»Boxtel saw the soldiers 8  Van Baerle  away .Evening came, and  the servants  9  the house.

Night came; stars 10 in the sky, and from far below came the restless noise of the city. The sounds of the city died away into silence. Then Boxtel  took a lamp. He   11  quickly            the wall. He forced open a window and went into the house. He went up the stairs into the seed room. He 12 the box,
on the table — everywhere; but there 13 bulbs. He
looked again. No! The bulbs had gone. Where __they 14?

1. A) It were

 C) There was

B) It was

D) There were

2. A) was told

 C) had told

B) has told

D) had been told

3. A) give

C) was given

B) gives

D) had been given

4. A) may

 C) may be

B) might 

D) might be

5. A)say

 C) tell

B) will say D)will tell

6. A) will taken

 C) is taken

B) will be taken D) is take

7. A) find

 C) is find

B) would find D) is found

8. A) would lead

 C) lead

B) was leading D) leads

9. A) shut up 

C) shutting up

B) were shut up D) had shut up

10. A) has been C) was

B) had been D) were

11.        A) climbed in        B) climbed over

С) climbed through

  1. A)looked in         B) looked for 

C) looked out       D) looked up

  1. A) was no  B) was not          

C) were no               D) were not

14   A) have … gone             B) were … gone

 C) had … gone                     D) had … been gone

Part 3

Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passages. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Man has used to homing pigeons for thousands

Of (0)   

  • (1)
  • (2)
  • (3)
  • (4)
  • (5) 
  • (6)
  • (7)
  • (8)
  • (9)
  • (10)_(50)
  • (51) _(52) _(53) _(54)
  • (55

(0) years.

All birds navigate by (1) sun and the stars,

(2) these pigeons can do it better than other birds.

Five thousand years ago (3) Egyptians used them

to send news (4) one town to another. It was one

of (5) first postal services.

(6) ancient Greeks used pigeons, too. They sent

them from (7) Olympic games to take the results

to people all (8) the country.

Many people keep homing pigeons today (8) a

hobby. It is (10) popular sport to race them.

Writing 9gr. 

Comment on the following statement.

Mobile telephones have become very popular nowadays. However, some people say that their use should be restricted.

What can you say for and against using a mobile telephone?

Write 200 – 250 words.

Use the following plan

1. Introduction (State the problem).

2. Arguments “for”.

3. Arguments “against”.

4. Conclusion. 

9 gr. Keys


Part 1

  1. attract
  2. careful
  3. explanation
  4. experienced
  5. build
  6. proud
  7. composed
  8. attentive
  9. introductions

Part 2

  1. b
  2. c
  3. a
  4. d
  5. d
  6. c
  7. a
  8. c
  9. a
  10. d
  11. b
  12. a
  13. c
  14. c

Part 3

  1. the
  2. but
  3. the
  4. from
  5. the
  6. the
  7. the
  8. over
  9. as
  10. a

Total: 33


Content: max. 6  marks

Vocabulary: max. 3  marks

Grammar: max. 3  marks

Spelling: max. 3 marks

Total: 15 marks


  1. G
  2. B
  3. H
  4. A
  5. F
  6. C

Total: 6 marks

Total: 54 marks


Английский язык 9 класс | онлайн итоговый тест.

9 класс.

Лимит времени: 0

0 из 20 заданий окончено


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11
  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17
  18. 18
  19. 19
  20. 20


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