Подготовка к огэ 6 класс по английскому – . 6 . . .. .


(1-6) 6 Тренировочные тесты для подготовки к ОГЭ

Test 1

Выберите правильный ответ.

Sport in Britain

The British are a sporting nation. Like everyone else they love football – fact, they invented it. Most British towns and cities have a football team. Every year, each team plays in the Football association competition. The two best teams play in the Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. Some fans pay up to 200 pounds for a ticket for the Cup Final. It is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Cricket is a typical British game. The only other countries that play cricket are Pakistan, India, the West Indies, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Cricket is a summer game, lovely to watch from under old trees on a village ‘green’. It looks slow, but it can be exciting if you understand what’s going on. Cricket is a very long game. The big international matches go on for five days. But in the real English way, the players always stop for tea. Tennis is another popular game in Britain. Every summer, in June, the biggest international tennis tournament takes place at Wimbledon, a suburb of London. Many British people who live near the sea, a lake, or a river enjoy sailing. If you are really enthusiastic, and rich enough to buy your own boat, you can take part in one of the annual sailing races or regattas.

  1. Football is____________________ a) a very slow game

  2. Cricket is___________________ _b) only for wealthy people

  3. Tennis is _____________________c) original English game

  4. Sailing is _____________________d) watched all over the world

Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ A, B, C, D для каждого пропуска.

A Lawn Chair Pilot

Larry Walters wants to be a pilot. He wants to (5)____an airplane. But Larry is not a (6)___man. He doesn’t have an airplane. He has only a lawn chair. Larry ties 45 big balloons to his lawn chair and then sits (7)____the chair. The lawn chair goes up. For a few minutes everything is fine. The view from the lawn chair is beautiful. Larry can (8)____houses and trees below him. He is happy. He is flying! The lawn chair goes up very (9)____. Larry is afraid. “I don’t want to go very high,” Larry thinks. “I want to go down a little.” With a small gun Larry shoots 10 balloons. Then something (10)____happens. Larry drops the gun, and it falls to the ground. Larry can’t shoot (11)____balloons. The chair goes up and up. Larry is three miles above the ground. Airplanes are flying over him and (12)____him. Larry has a small radio. “Help! Help!” he says into the radio. “I’m flying in a lawn chair and I want to come down!” People (13)___Larry but they can’t help him. Larry flies in the lawn chair for 45 minutes. Then the balloons begin to (14)____air. Slowly the lawn chair comes down, and Larry is back on the ground. He is not (15)___. Larry says,”For 45 minutes I (16)____a pilot-the pilot of a lawn chair.”


A drive

B ride

C fly

D lead


A rich

B famous

C misery

D popular


A down

B on

C into

D in


A watch

B see

C notice

D look


A far

B high

C slow

D tall


A pleasant

B unusual

C suddenly

D terrible


A more

B less

C much

D few


A beside

B under

C in front of

D behind


A listen

B shout

C whisper

D hear


A throw

B forget

C lose

D leave


A hurt

B sick

C dead

D hungry


A been

B am

C was

D became

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов.

Monday Sickness

Tom woke up (17)____(misery) on Monday morning. He always woke up (18)_____(happy) on Monday morning. It was the idea of a whole week of school; he almost wished there (19)___(be) no weekends because that made it even more difficult to go back into captivity. He (20)___(lie) in bed and wondered what he (21)___(can) invent this time. He listened to his body but could find (22)____(thing)wrong. A little tummy ache? No. then he realized that one of his (23)____(tooth) was loose. Good! He was just going to start (24)____(groan)when he thought that Aunt Polly would pull the tooth out and that would hurt. He looked for something else. (25)____(sudden) he remembered what the doctor had said about a certain problem with (26)____(toe)- sometimes one had to stay in bed for one or even two weeks. He pulled his right (27)____(feet)out and looked at it. One of the toes was really hurting. Tom began to groan. Sid continued to sleep (28)___(peace). Tom groaned more loudly. No result.

Test 2

Выберите правильный ответ.

Pret a Manger

In the 1980s Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham spent a lot of time walking around London looking for a good, fast lunch. They never found one so in 1986 they opened their own sandwich shop, Pret a Manger. Today there are 150 Pret a Mangers in the UK and Hong Kong. Why have they become successful? Firstly, the food. Every night a van delivers fresh ingredients to the Pret a Manger stores. Early in the morning the chefs check the ingredients carefully, and then they make fresh sandwiches for the day. And these days it isn’t only sandwiches. Pret a Manger sells many different types of food; it even includes sushi on the menu. Quality and care is important for the company. For people who want to know exactly what they are eating, its website gives information about each dish. For example, if you want to know how many calories are in a ham and cheese sandwich, you can find out. Pret a Manger’s also does good things for the community. At the end of the day, charities take any extra unwanted food and give it to homeless people. Mcdonald’s owns 33% of the company, and this is one reason why people all over the world now knows this trade name.

  1. When did the first Pret a Manger open?

  1. 1980 b) 1986 c) 1990

  1. How is the food made?

  1. In a factory

  2. By chefs in the sandwich shops every day

  3. By chefs the night before

  1. What does Pret a Manger sell?

  1. Only sandwiches

  2. Only sandwiches and sushi

  3. Sandwiches, sushi and other types of food

  1. How can you find information about the calories in each dish?

  1. Look on the website

  2. Ask the Pret a Manger workers

  3. Write to owners

  1. What happens to the food that isn’t eaten?

  1. They throw it away

  2. It is recycled

  3. Charities take it.

Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ A, B, C, D для каждого пропуска.

Maid Marian

Maid Marian was the pretty (6)___lady Robin wanted to marry. She lived in Nottingham with her family. Marian helped (7)___people too and often went to the forest to tell Robin about the (8)___things the Sheriff did. The Sheriff sent his soldiers to arrest Maid Marian. “Do you know the outlaw called Robin Hood?” (9)_____the Sheriff. “No, I don’t, said Marian. “I think you know him very (10)____,” said the Sheriff. “Take her to the dungeon!”Robin received a secret message from Marian (11)____she was a prisoner in Nottingham castle. ‘We (12)____save her,’ said the men. “Tomorrow is Nottingham Fair and the archery contest. Then tomorrow we will go and save Maid Marian and win the contest, (13)____!’ “WE can dress as jugglers and clowns,’ said Little John. “My dogs can perform,’ said friar Tuck. “I can sing and play my (14)____,’ said Alan-a-Dale. “And I will go to the castle and rescue Marian,” Robin said. The women in the forest worked all day. They (15)____suits for clowns and jugglers. The men looked so funny that everybody laughed!


A little

B tiny

C young

D small


A happy

B poor

C excited

D rich


A wicked

B kind

C funny

D boring


A told

B promised

C called

D asked


A good

B well

C badly

D long


A asking

B writing

C reading

D saying


A can

B ought

C must

D may


A too

B also

C yet

D already


A piano

B organ

C saxophone

D harp


A wore

B made

C washed

D ironed

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.


There (16)___(be) hundreds of castles in the British Isles. Some of them are ruins, but (17)____(another) are in very good condition. Some castles are homes for (18)___(fame) people like the Queen of (19)___( English)! Many of them are very, very old and have got a (20)____(fascinate) history. Castles are big, strong (21)_____(build). People built castles in the past to protect everyone inside the castle from attack. Many castles have legends. Legends are (22)_____(story) about (23)_____(person)and places in the past. There are legends of ghosts, wizards, kings and queens, and heroes.

Test 3

Выберите правильный ответ.

How to be fit

Our guest today is the famous Linda Martin, a film star. She is going to tell you how she keeps fit. “Hello. My name is Linda Martin. Let me tell you a few important things about my life. I don’t get up very early but I begin my exercises. I go out and run around my house twenty times. Then I get hungry and have breakfast. I have a big glass of orange juice and then a cup of coffee. At about one I have my lunch. At lunch I eat a lot of vegetables; cabbage, carrots, peas, fresh cucumbers, a piece of rye bread and a cup of tea without sugar, of course. Sometimes I don’t have any lunch at all if I’m at work. I don’t like to have meals in public places. I sometimes have dinner in the evening when I’m hungry or when I have guests at home. I don’t like to receive guests because we usually eat a lot of meat and fish and other heavy thing which don’t help you to be fit. My motto is ‘Eat to live to eat’. And, dear ladies, always remember you are as old as you look. That’s why I have always played only young girls.

  1. What is Linda Martin?

  1. A model b) an artist c)an actress

  1. What bread does she eat?

  1. White b) brown c) no

  1. Why doesn’t she like to receive guests?

  1. Has no friends b) hates cooking c) eats much

  1. How old is the film star?

  1. Not stated b) a young girl c) a middle age

Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ A, B, C, D для каждого пропуска.

I Think I’m Your Mother

Joyce was 24 years old. She had a baby daughter, but she couldn’t take (5)_____of her baby. The government took Joyce’s baby and gave her to (6)_____family. Joyce never forgot her daughter. For 20 years Joyce looked (7)_____her. She couldn’t find her. She didn’t know her daughter’s new name. She didn’t know her daughter’s (8)___. When Joyce was 44 years old, she got a (9)____ at a small store. A young woman worked with Joyce at the store. The young woman’s name was Tammy. Tammy and Joyce became friends. One day at work Tammy began to cry. “What’s the matter?” Joyce asked Tammy. “I feel so sad (10)____,’ Tammy said. “I’m looking for my mum and I can’ find her’ “I don’t understand” Joyce said. “I know your mum. She comes into the store (11)____”. “Yes, she’s my mother, but she’s not my birth mother. I can’t find my birth mother because I don’t have her name or address. I have (12)___this photo. See? This is me when I was a baby.” Tammy showed Joyce the photo. Joyce looked at the photo for a long time. Then she opened her (13)___and took out a photo. It was a photo of a baby girl. Joyce’s photo and Tammy’s photo were the (14)___”Tammy,” Joyce said. “I think I’m your birth mother.” The two women (15)____for a long time. “This is the best day of my life,” Tammy said. Joyce smiled and looked at Tammy. “This is the best day of my life, (16)____” she said.


A love

B care

C kindness

D attention


A other

B on other

C others

D another


A for

B forward

C after

D through


A school

B country

C address

D character


A place

B work

C department

D job


A sad

B excited

C bored

D thirsty


A never

B yesterday

C sometimes

D tomorrow


A already

B only

C just

D always


A wallet

B safe

C cupboard

D jar


A some

B different

C difficult

D same


A scream

B wave

C hug

D shake


A yet

B also

C however

D too

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.

Huckleberry Finn

On his way to school Tom met Huckleberry Finn, the (17)____(home) boy whose drunken father had abandoned him and left town. Huck was (18)___(envy) by all the other boys because he was free to do what he liked, and hated by all the mothers because he was lazy, vulgar and (19)____(law). Of course, Tom was not (20)____(allow) to play with him so, fo course, he played with him (21)_____(when) he could. Huck was always dressed in old, (22)____(tear) clothes that were much too big for him, and an old hat. In the spring he was always the (23)_____(one) boy to go without shoes, and in the autumn he was the last one to put them on. On fine nights he slept on (24)____(doorstep) and when it was (25)____(rain)he slept in an empty barrel. He didn’t have to go to school or to church and he (26)____(can) go fishing or swimming when he wanted. He knew (27)_____(many) bad words than (28)____(one) else and used them, too! Tom admired him more than anyone.

Test 4

Выберите правильный ответ.

Festival Fun!

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival takes place in the Notting Hill area of London on the last weekend in August. It is a huge multicultural arts festival and is the largest street festival in Europe. Groups come from all over the world to take part. There’s music, dancing, street theatre and decorated floats. Up to 15 million people come to the festival and there’s something for everyone to see and do.

Glastonbury Festival

It’s the world’s biggest open air music festival. The festival covers 1,000 acres of farmland in south-west England. It takes place in June and lasts four days. About 700 acts are played on over 80 stages. There is continual music from 9 o’clock in the morning until 6 o’clock the next morning. Last year 190,000 people attended the festival and paid 200 for a ticket. Hundreds of famous names have performed at Glastonbury. It also supports charities such as Greenpeace, Water Aid and others. The festival is famous for its rain! In 1997, 1998 and 2005 it rained, every day, and the festival-goers danced in the mud.


Eisteddford, a celebration of Welsh music and poetry, is the biggest cultural event in Wales and it takes places in the first week of August. There are competitions for all the best singers, choirs and poets. The Gotsedd of the Bards, an association of the best poets, writers, musicians and artists in Wales, selects the winners. The members of the Goesedd are called druids and they wear long colourful robes. All the events are in Welsh, but there are headphones with English-language translations for anyone who doesn’t understand Welsh!

  1. Where does the Notting Hill Carnival take place?

  1. In suburbs of London

  2. In one of the parts of London

  3. In the centre of London

  1. Who usually attends this festival?

  1. Only Londoners

  2. British people

  3. Different people

  1. When does Glastonbury host its music event?

  1. At the beginning of summer

  2. In the middle of summer

  3. At the end of summer

  1. What does this festival support?

  1. Some handicrafts

  2. Environmental projects

  3. Foreign people

  1. What is Eisteddfod?

  1. It’s only music festival

  2. It’s folk festival

  3. It’s poetry competition

  1. What language are the events at Eisteddfod?

  1. In England

  2. In Scotland

  3. In Welsh

Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ A, B, C, D для каждого пропуска.

The Tribe’s King

For three days we walked, the land on either side of Solomon’s road was rich and well cared for. We saw farms and (7)____, with people planting crops and young boys looking after the animals, they were raising long (8)____high above their heads and bringing them down on the animal’s backs, to drive them along. During the trip I was able to (9)____to the older warrior, whose name was Infadoos. He told me all about Twala, their king, as well as their (10)____and cultural systems. By the time we arrived at the king’s (11)____I was already something of an expert in their tribe’s affairs. I knew that their king was unpopular, as he was a (12)___man, who had killed his elder brother to gain the throne, and sent his brother’s young (13)___, who should have been the next king, into exile. We didn’t see the king (14)___the following morning, when we went to the gates of his palace, around which were gathered (15)___thousand warriors. When the king came (16)___with a younger man and an old woman we (17)____see that he was a fat, sweaty man, with only one (18)____. He looked at us and walked around us.


A lakes

B fields

C rivers

D towns


A stones

B flags

C balloons

D sticks


A speak

B ask

C answer

D tell


A sports

B foreign

C political

D traditional


A garden

B capital

C house

D palace


A generous

B careful

C cruel

D honest


A wife

B son

C daughter

D niece


A until

B after

C and

D while


A several

B some

C more

D few


A to

B near

C behind

D out


A can

B were

C could

D would


A nose

B eye

C neck

D mouth

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.

Painting the Fence

It was Saturday and a (19)____(love) summer day. Everyone was on holiday, everyone was happy. Well, almost everyone. Tom looked at the fence in front of him and the (20)____(happy)left his heart. Thirty yards long and nine (21)____(foot) high! He began to paint and then stopped to compare his white line with the unending continent of (22)___(paint) fence. He sat down under a tree, discouraged. At that moment he saw Jim (23)____(skip) along with a bucket of water. Tom had always considered (24)____(bore) the job of fetching water from the village pump, but now it seemed much (25)___(good) than the job he had to do. You could take a long time and at the pump there were always lots of boys and girls. Tom offered Jim to (26)____(change) jobs for a bit – he would get the water and Jim would do some painting. At (27)____(one) Jim didn’t agree. Then Tom promised to give him a marble. The temptation (28)____(be) too much for Jim. He put down the bucket. But in (29)____(other) minute he was flying down the street again, his bottom hurting. Tom was (30)____(business)painting and Aunt Polly was walking back to the house with a slipper in her hand and a look of triumph on her face.

Test 5

Дайте заглавие каждой части текста.


  1. The famous 4th century philosopher Aristotle once said, “Without friends nobody would want to live”. Friendship is indeed universal and one of the most important human emotions. Friendship is important for everybody. According to academics, people who have lots of friends get ill less often, looking younger and are more willing to work. Children who have lots of friends become more generous and do better at school, while old people who have lots of friends age less.

  2. First of all, a friend must be honest and loyal. Then they must be able to listen and participate, not only in their friend’s joy, but in their suffering, too. Also, they must have the same interests and opinions as their friends. Friends are the important part of your life. And the best friend must keep secret and you can rely on him or her. Usually real friendship becomes stronger with ages.

  3. A Friendship can end for many different reasons. One important reason is trust. If you tell a secret to your friend and they don’t keep it, you might fall out and the friendship could end. Jealousy and envy are other causes. In fact, a jealous or envious friend is not a real friend!

  4. Animals can be great friends. For many people the companionship of dog or cat is very important. There is even a therapy, “Pet Therapy”, that uses contact with animals to help people with physical and psychological problems.

  1. Who else can be real friends?

  2. Why do Friendships end?

  3. What is friendship?

  4. What should a friend be like?

Закончите предложения, используя подходящее слово из рамки. Используйте каждое слово только один раз. В рамке есть лишнее слово, которое не нужно использовать.

After School

Reading mistakes empty beautiful lesson hard

Pencil rivers home last class on were

Tom could not concentrate for the rest of the morning (which was not unusual). He tried really (5)___but the confusion inside him was too great. In the geography (6)____he turned lakes into mountains, mountains into (7)____, rivers into continents, until everything was complete chaos. In the spelling class he made (8)____in the simplest words, and he messed up his reading in the (9)___class. At (10)___the school bell rang. He ran to Becky and whispered:”Put (11)___your bonnet and pretend you’re going (12)___. Go round the corner and then come back when the others have gone.” At last they (13)____together, alone. They went into the school-house which was (14)____and sat down. Tom gave Becky his (15)____and guided her hand across the page. They drew a (16)___house.

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.

The warriors

The next morning we set off, (17)_____(walk) away from the cliff, in the direction of the houses that we had (18)____(see) in the distance. We turned onto the track. When the sun was (19)___(height) in the sky we (20)____(stop) to eat and to rest until it became a little (21)____(cool). I lay down beneath a large tree, not far from a small stream. I was woken by the sound of splashing, and lifting my hat up I could see John washing his face in the (22)____(run) water. Suddenly he froze, looking straight (23)___(head)and the water was running between his fingers and onto the ground at his (24)____(foot). I turned my head to see what had grabbed his (25)____(attentive). About sixty feet away there stood a ground of very tall warriors, they were (26)____(heavy) armed and dressed in animal skins. I didn’t like the look of them, so I got up and picked my gun. The (27)___(other) must have heard me moving. We were soon all standing with John, as the warriors (28)____(calm) walked towards us.

Test 6

Дайте заглавие каждой части текста.

New York

  1. Everyone knows something about New York – the statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers, the beautiful shops on Fifth Avenue, and many theatres of Broadway. This is American’s cultural capital, and her biggest city, with the population of nearly eight million. In the summer it is hot and in winter it can be very cold, but there are hundreds of things to do and see all the year round.

  2. There are five parts in New York: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Richmond. Only one of them, the Bronx, is the real centre of the city. When people say “New York City” they usually mean Manhattan. Most of the interesting shops, buildings and museums are here, and Manhattan is the scene of New York’s busy night life.

  3. Wall Street in Manhattan is the financial heart of the USA and the most important banking centre in the world. It is a street of skyscrapers. Five million people work here every day.

  4. Like every big city, New York has its own traffic system. Traffic jams can be terrible. And it’s usually quickest to go by subway. It goes to almost every corner of Manhattan. But be careful at night, it’s better not to go by subway. There are more than 30,000 taxis in New York. They are easy to see, because they are bright yellow.

  5. If you really have to drive in New York, remember that nearly all the east-west streets and moist of the north-south streets are one way only. This can be difficult for the visitor who doesn’t know his way. Try to get a map that shows the directions of the traffic, and good luck!

  1. The problems of driving

  2. The second capital

  3. Traffic in the city

  4. Business centre

  5. Cultural centre.

Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ A, B, C, для каждого пропуска.

Are You a City mouse, or a Country Mouse at Heart?

These days, the difference isn’t so great (6)_____city and country life in America, but it still (7)___. We recently moved from Brooklyn to a sweet pastoral home. I kept telling (8)____, “If it doesn’t work out, we still have a great (9)____to live.” “It worked out and we have our own farm now. We have two young children, and will miss the (10)___of walking to school and running (11)____classmates on a daily basis. We will miss having the world at our fingertips and the endless possibilities (12)___the corner: theatres, cinemas. Since moving to the country, our girls have seen rabbits and a spider web the size of (13)____old bedroom. This morning, the ducks were defending their pond from a pair of intruding (14)___. Our children will have a completely (15)___upbringing.


A for

B between

C opposite


A exists

B is

C has


A me

B my

C myself


A spot

B room

C place


A convenient

B convenience

C comfort


A after

B for

C into


A around

B at

C by


A theirs

B their

C them


A goose

B gooses

C geese


A good

B different

C happy

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.

The Happiest People in Our Society

People live by (16)____(differ) rules, (17)____(believe) and attitudes. To some people “(18)____(happy)” means power over others. For these people to be “(19)____(success)” means to be (20)____(wealth). However, these people often live (21)____(happy) lives; they seek (22)____(happy) through wealth and material (23)____(possess) rather than relationships. Ordinary people are not (24)____(fame) or well off. They have full-time jobs and they like to go out with their families at weekends. Who knows, they could be the happiest people in our society.

The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind once had a quarrel as to which was the (25)____(strong). Each believed (26)___(he) to be the (27)____(powerful). While they (28)_____(argue) they (29)___(see) a traveller (30)____(walk) along the country highway, wearing a big cloak. “Here is a chance to test our strength,” (31)____(say0 the Wind; “Let us see which of us is strong enough to make that traveler take off his cloak.” “Agreed,” answered the Sun. the Wind (32)_____(begin) to blow and raised a storm of hail and rain. But the (33)____(cold) it grow and the more it stormed, the tighter the traveler held his cloak around him. Now it (34)____(be) the Sun’s turn. He shone with all his beams on the man’s shoulders. As it (35)____(become) (36)____(hot) and (37)____(hot), the man unfastened his cloak; then he (38)____(take) it off! The Sun (39)____(win).

Test 1: 1- с, 2-a,3- d, 4- b,5- c,6- a, 7- d; 8- b, 9-b,10- d, 11- a, 12- b, 13- b; 14- c, 15- a, 16- c, 17-miserable, 18- unhappy, 19- were, 20- lay, 21- could, 22- nothing, 23- teeth, 24- groaning, 25- suddenly, 26- toes, 27- foot, 28- peacefully.

Test 2: 1- b, 2- b, 3- c, 4- a, 5- c, 6- c, 7-b, 8- a,9- d,10- b, 11- d, 12- c, 13- a, 14- d, 15- b, 16- are, 17- others, 18- famous, 19- England, 20- fascinating, 21- buildings, 22- stories, 23- people.

Test 3: 1- c, 2- b, 3- c, 4- a, 5- b, 6- d, 7- a, 8- c, 9- d, 10- a, 11- c, 12- b, 13- a, 14- d, 15- c, 16- d, 17- homeless, 18- envied, 19- lawless, 20- allowed, 21- whenever, 22- torn, 23- first, 24- doorsteps, 25- raining, 26- could, 27- more, 28- anyone.

Test 4: 1- b, 2- c, 3- a, 4- b, 5- b, 6- c, 7- b, 8- d, 9- a, 10- c, 11- d, 12- c, 13- b, 14- a, 15- a, 16- d, 17- c, 18- b, 19- lovely, 20- happiness, 21- feet, 22- unpainted, 23- skipping, 24- boring, 25- better, 26- exchange, 27- first, 28- was, 29- another, 30- busy.

Test 5: c, 2- d, 3- b, 4- a,5- hard, 6- class, 7- rivers, 8- mistakes, 9- reading, 10- last, 11- on, 12- home, 13- were, 14- empty, 15- pencil, 16- beautiful, 17- walking, 18- seen, 19- high, 20- stopped, 21- cooler, 22- running, 23- ahead, 24- feet, 25- attention, 26- heavily, 27- others, 28- calmly.

Test 6: 1- e, 2- b, 3- d, 4- c, 5- a, 6- b, 7- a, 8- c, 9- c, 10- b, 11- a, 12- b, 13- b, 14- c, 15- b, 16- different, 17- believes, 18- happiness, 19- successful, 20- wealthy, 21- unhappy, 22- happiness, 23- possessions, 24- famous, 25- strongest, 26- him, 27- more powerful, 28- argued, 29- saw, 30- walking, 31- said, 32- began, 33- colder, 34- was, 35- became, 36- hotter, 37- hotter, 38- took, 39- won.


Стратегии ранней подготовки учащихся к ОГЭ по английскому языку. Раздел «Аудирование». (6-7 класс) | Английский язык

Стратегии ранней подготовки учащихся к ОГЭ по английскому языку. Раздел «Аудирование». (6-7 класс)

Автор: Соколова Марина Владимировна

Организация: МБОУ СОШ №41

Населенный пункт: Республика Татарстан, г. Набережные Челны

Стратегии ранней подготовки учащихся к ОГЭ по английскому языку(раздел «Аудирование») (6-7 класс)

Из опыта работы

учителя английского языка


Соколовой Марины Владимировны

Часто звучит вопрос: когда же начинать готовить к ОГЭ?

Для того, чтобы преуспеть на ОГЭ по английскому языку зачастую бывает недостаточно одного года даже усиленной подготовки. Новому материалу необходимо «уложиться, перевариться». Чем быстрее вводятся новые темы, тем поверхностнее происходит их понимание.

По моему мнению, нужно начинать готовить учащихся с 6 класса.

Во-первых,безумная гонка в 9 классе с натаскиванием на формат экзамена приводит только к стрессу и нервному истощению.И к 9 классу уровень напряжения у учащихся уже такой, что учебный материал усваивается хуже. В начале средней школы такого прессинга все-таки нет.

Во-вторых, прочные и глубокие знания предмета — единственный надежный способ сдать любой экзамен, в каком бы формате он ни был.

Сегодня, в своем выступлении я бы хотела остановиться на подготовке к разделу «Аудирование» и поделиться своим опытом работы.

Как известно, раздел «Аудирование» включает в себя три задания разной степени сложности. Я обычно своим ученикам и родителям говорю, первое задание рассчитано на тех, кто хоть что-то понимает по-английски (основная мысль высказывания), второе — на тех, кто понимает немного больше (понимание основной информации с некоторыми деталями) и последнее уже для тех, кто долго и упорно готовился к экзамену и может вникнуть в нюансы записи (детальное понимание услышанного).

Таким образом, согласно демоверсии экзамена первое задание по аудированию направлено на понимание главной темы диалога. Требуется установить соответствие между диалогом и местом, в котором данный диалог происходит: парк, отель, магазин, больница. Один из ответов- лишний.

Одна из трудностей, с которой сталкиваются учащиеся при подготовке заключается в том, что они не готовы сопоставить лексику с местами, которые они описывают. Как я помогаю учащимся в этом.Я учащимся предлагаю заполнить таблицу.


Words and phrases









vet clinic













Для начала, каждый ученик работает самостоятельно, стараясь вспомнить как можно больше слов и выражений, связанных с тем или иным местом действия. Затем учащиеся сравнивают свои результаты с результатами класса. Так у детей появляется возможность пополнить свои списки за счет идей своих товарищей.

Так жея организовываю игру, когда ребенок зачитывает свой список слов и выражений, а его одноклассники угадывают место, с которым они связаны. Таким образом, это помогает систематизировать лексический материал по определенным темам. И когда дети приступают непосредственно к выполнению задания ОГЭ учащиеся готовы с большей вероятностью найти правильные ответы.

Но не редко возникает трудность у учеников в том, что, если они и узнают достаточное количество слов в тексте, которые ассоциируются с определенными местами, ситуации могут быть весьмапротиворечивы. Например, слово dog в данном задании звучит в каждом диалоге и может быть отнесено к каждому месту действия. Прежде всего я предлагаю учащимся определить, какие основные действия могут происходить в определенных местах. Таким образом, кроме конкретной лексики, связанной с тем или иным местом, внимание учеников акцентируется и на действиях, которые могут там происходить.

A. Match each place with an action:

1. In a park

2. In a shop

3. In a vet clinic

4. In a hotel

5. At a party

  1. to buy a new dog
  2. to book a room where dogs are not allowed
  3. to lead the dog for treatment
  4. to have a rest
  5. to walk dogs

Хорошим помощником в выполнение подобного задания может являться привлечение собственного жизненного опыта учеников.

Look at this places. In pairs, answer the following questions:

1. In a park

2. In a shop

3. In a vet clinic

4. In a hotel

5. At a party

When was the last time you went to each of this places? What did you do there?

Это задание нацелено на то, что учащиеся смогли вспомнить и обсудить ситуацию из своего жизненного опыта, когда им приходилось бывать в общественных местах. Они описывают обстоятельства, действия, связанные с этим посещением. Бывает, что у кого-то из них не было подобного опыта, но они могут узнать об этом у своих товарищей. Так формируется картина об определенных местах.


Во втором задании по аудированию учащимся предлагается установить соответствие между высказываниями и утверждениями.

Одной из проблем для учеников может стать относительная высокая скорость речи говорящего и особенности его произношения. Как же им можно помочь?

В первую очередь стоит отметить, что аудирование на занятиях должно присутствовать всегда, на каждом занятии по английскому языку. Так, у учащихся накапливается опыт понимать речь с различными произносительными особенностями говорящего. Прослушивание любого текста необходимо дополнять специальными упражнениями на узнавание конкретных слов из ряда созвучных слов. Этопоможетучащимсявдальнейшемизбежатьнедопонимания (омофоны).

Listen to the extract and circle the word of phrase you hear.

  1. Yesterday I got a mail/male from my granny.
  2. It was snowy last night/knight.
  3. He is too/two shy boy to work here.
  4. I our zoo there is a cute deer/dear.
  5. My mother usually makes cakes of oat flour/flower.

Следующее упражнение способствует активизации лексики.

Circle the correct word to complete the phrases:

  1. In school library you can borrow/do books.
  2. On our Mathlessons we solve/sing a lot of different tasks.
  3. Our classroom is large/red.
  4. There are many/long exhibits on our school exhibition.
  5. I do sports after/under my lessons.

По окончанию работы с этим заданием можно обсудить с учащимися какие фразы соотносятся с утверждениями в тестовом задании. Так учащиеся научатся предугадывать содержание монологических высказываний.

Приступая уже непосредственно к самому тестовому заданию можно снова выделить время, для того чтобы ученики могли выразить 1-2 идеи о том, что, по их мнению, может сказать говорящий. Сначала это занимает чуть больше времени, но в результате постоянной практики этот навык дойдет до автоматизма.

Как уже говорилось ранее, у учеников, выполняющих итоговую работу, может быть не достаточный словарный запас или он находится в пассивной памяти. Со своими учениками мы часто выполняем задания по активизации лексического материала.

Ученикам предлагается выразить мнение по одной из тем тестового задания. По результатам предварительного обсуждения темы учащиеся записывают слова и выражения под определенные заголовки.

  1. In pairs discuss the differences between Russian and British school system.
  2. Make notes about three things under each heading.

Schools in Russia_____________________________________________


Schools in Britain ____________________________________________


Commonthingsaboutschools __________________________________


Далее они сравнивают свои списки со списками своих товарищей и дополняют свои списки. Результатом этой работы может быть составление монологического высказывания по рассматриваемой теме. Так мы помогаем обогатить словарный запас наших учеников, а также активизировать лексические знания, которые мы бы хотели «спасти» в их памяти.

Одна из основных трудностей выполнения 2 задания раздела «Аудирование» заключается в том, что формулировки некоторых утверждений могут ввести в заблуждение, так как на первый взгляд они звучат одинаково или близки по своей тематике. В данном случае важно научить учеников видеть нюансы как в формулировке утверждений, так и в содержании самого высказывания.

Например, ученики читают утверждения, находят ключевые слова, которые могут определить главную идею высказывания.

Также своим ученикам я даю реплики из монологов, нужно установить соответствие между этими репликами и утверждениями тестового задания.

  1. … There is a whiteboard, desks and a teacher’s table but the most interesting feature is the special graffiti wall…
  2. …Yes, I find geography very interesting…
  3. … My friend Tracy isn’t talking to me because of this…
  4. …When the lessons are over, my friend and I go to the gym…
  5. …To find the book you need to know the author…

И снова необходимо сделать акцент на ключевые слова и выражения, которые позволили установить данное соответствие. Таким образом, каждый раз, когда учащиеся сталкиваются с подобным заданием, они научатся при прочтении самого задания сразу же определять ключевые слова и предвосхищать содержание высказывания с помощью синонимичных слов и выражений.


Как же можно помочь учащимся успешно справиться с третьим заданием раздела «Аудирование»?

В данном задании учащиеся прослушивают диалог и отвечают на поставленный вопрос, выбирая правильный ответ из 3х вариантов. Чаще всего это задание вызывает трудности у учеников, которые слабо владеют стратегией аудирования с выборочным пониманием интересующей информации.

В такой ситуации в рамках подготовки следует как можно чаще тренировать именно это умение.

Я своим учащимся предлагаю список предложений с пропусками. Они прослушивают запись диалога первый раз и заполняют эти пропуски.

Listen to the extracts and complete the gaps with the word you hear:

  1. Yes, I’m from Canada and this is __________________ or anywhere else.
  2. Today we are going to have a guided excursion ___________________.
  3. It’s__________________. The whole class are here and two teachers to supervise us.
  4. Everyone nowadays wants to be either ___________________________.
  5. I can’t even make up my mind on what _________________ back home.

Затем в режиме парной работы, учащиеся сравнивают свои ответы с ответами своих товарищей. При втором прослушивании они проверяют окончательный вариант ответов. На первый взгляд это задание простое. Однако оно заставляет учащихся быть предельно сосредоточенными, чтобы в потоке быстрой речи услышать именно то слово, которое необходимо. И уже при выполнении самого задания, сосредоточивших на деталях, ученики с наибольшей вероятностью выберут правильный ответ.

Одна из частых причин, почему ученики совершают в третьем задании «Аудирования» наибольшее количество ошибок заключается в том, что они зачастую не понимают вопросы, так как там находится много не знакомых слов. Именно поэтому многие тренировочные упражнения нацелены на активизацию лексического запаса учащихся.

Read questions in the task. Write a word or phrase from the questions in each gap to complete the sentences.

  1. My family’s lived in ___________________ for ages and we seldom travel anywhere either.
  2. I’m deeply interested in ____________________________.
  3. I’ve found a shop with some ______________________________.

The auditions were:

  1. part of England
  2. in physics and biology
  3. old photos of the city

С помощью данного упражнения предлагается проанализировать вопросы к аудиотексту и найти определенные слова согласно описанию их значения. Данное упражнение способствует расширению словарного запаса учеников и снимает сложности при понимании вопросов к заданию.

Еще одна типичная ошибка у учащихся при выполнении данного задания заключается в том, что они ожидают услышать в аудиотексте те же лексические единицы, которые включены в вопросы и предполагаемые ответы. Для того, чтобы избежать эту ошибку я предлагаю учащимся определить соответствие слов из списка с их синонимами или дефинициями. Такая тренировка будет способствовать расширению словарного запаса учащихся за счет синонимичного ряда.

Match the words and phrases to the synonyms.

  1. visit
  2. travel
  3. sportscompetition
  4. research
  5. shop

a sport contest

b exploration


d go to see

e journey

Приступая непосредственного к выполнению тестового задания, можно попросить учеников перефразировать вопросы с предполагаемыми ответами. Таким образом постараться предугадать как может быть сформулирована реплика говорящего в аудиотексте. При первом прослушивании я проверяю учеников, кто был ближе к оригиналу.

Таким образом, к этой части экзамена можно подготовиться только слушая, слушая и еще раз слушая. А начинать подготовку к итоговой аттестации, а именно к разделу аудирование, непосредственно в 9м классе – поздно! Это почти всегда создает трудности – спешку и высокие нагрузки, которые очень тяжело распределять как преподавателю, так и самому школьнику. По-моему мнению, начинать готовиться, особенно к разделу аудирование, нужно, все-таки, с 6 класса.


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  1. statya-sokolova-mv.docx.. 26,6 КБ
  2. file3.pptx.zip.. 1000,4 КБ
Опубликовано: 29.11.2017


Английский язык 6 класс - ОГЭ -

6 класс

английский язык


Примерные устные темы


  1. Экологические проблемы
  2. Великобритания (географическое положение)
  3. Великие люди Англии
  4. Шотландия
  5. США(страна и люди, политическая система)
  6. Австралия(географическое положение, климат и животный мир)


Примерная письменная часть



 Read the text and write which statements after the text are true and which of them are false.


     We know about and can give names to about one million animals. But there are more than thirty million species of animals in the world. Every year some of these species disappear and we never see them again. But with thirty million different species, do one or two matter? Different people give different answers to this question, but more and more people are saying, “Of course they do – they are all important!” So why do people think that?

     One answer is this: animals make the world a richer place, a more interesting and a more beautiful place for us to live in. Secondly, animals help us in many important ways. They give us meat to eat and milk to drink, and we can make things to wear from their coats. Scientists learn a lot from animals and this helps them to understand people. Doctors take things from animals, alive or dead, to help sick people. Thirdly, it is natural for us to protect animals because we are animals too. Many of these living things are in danger. Without our help, a lot more animals are going to die. People and animals live in one world. Our land is their land; our trees are their trees; our rivers are their rivers. We want to protect animals because at the same time we are protecting our world.

Statements. TRUE or FALSE.

  1. People know all the animals living on Planet Earth.
  2. A few species become extinct every year.
  3. There are several reasons providing that all animals are important.
  4. Animals give us a lot of things that we use.
  5. We protect animals because we want to get more useful things from them.


Use of English

  1. Choose the right form of the verb to complete the sentences.


  1. Be quick! In a minute Ann _____ turning on the television.

a) is;          b) will be;          c)was

       2. Jane _____ that lonely island, now she can give you all the details of her trip.

           a) visited;          b) has visited;          c) had visited

       3. If Jane _____ home early, we shall go to the beach.

           a) will come;          b) comes;          c)is coming

       4. When I come home, my mother _____ my favourite pies.

           a) will cook;            b) will be cooking;          c)is going to cook

       5. Jane _____ her father very much.

           a) has resembled;          b) resembles;           c)was resembling

  1. Open the brackets.

A. Passive Voice

      1. Australia (visit) often by tourists.

      2. The table (lay) soon.

      3. The mountain climbers (rescue) yesterday.

      4. John (make) to read a lecture on the history of Scotland.

      5. You (to include) in the list tomorrow.

      6. The two towns (to connect) by a railway two years ago.

      7. Money (to spend) on food every day.

      8. Presents (to give) every Christmas.

      9. The bridge (must/build) in a year.

      10. This medicine (should/take) every three hours.

      B. Complex  Object

      1. I saw Alice (hang) the picture in the dining-room.

      2. We didn’t notice David (leave).

      3. John didn’t expect (get) a “five” in Geography.

      4. I want the nurse (measure) my brother’s height.

      5. My mother let me (go out) for a walk.

      6. He wasn’t allowed (leave) the lecture.

      7. We saw them (cross) the street.

      8. Mike expected the teacher (explain) the rule.

      9. She was made (enter) the society.

      10. Stephen made his friend (write) a letter.

      C. Participle.

      1. We were looking at the fallen/falling stars.

      2. The continent discovering/discovered by Columbus was later called America.

      3. The White Tower built/building by William the Conqueror attracts a lot of tourists every year.

      4. Translating/translated the poem I found a lot of mistakes in it.

      5. He ran out of the house excited/exciting by the news.

      6. He finds it extremely excited/exciting to surf in the storm.


Put verbs into the Present, Past or Future Passive.

Bread __________ (eat) every day. The letter __________ (receive) yesterday. Nick __________ (send) to Moscow next week. I __________ (ask) at the lesson yesterday. I __________( give) a very interesting book last Friday. Not many houses __________  (build) in our town every year. This work __________ (do) tomorrow. This text ___________ (translate) at the last lesson.


Use the right form of the pronoun.

This is (my/mine) team. The picture is (my/mine). Is (her/hers) boat big or small? (Our/ours) skates are better than (your/yours). She is an old friend of (my/mine). Where are (their/theirs) children? Is he a friend of (your/yours)?


This is part of a letter from Tom, your English pen-friend.

… I like summer because I can travel a lot. This year I’m going to visit Great Britain. I know that you visited this country last year. What places of interest can I see there? What cities are the most interesting? Why? What is your favourite sight of London?




   Write back to Tom answering his questions.

   Write 90-120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.



Listen to the text attentively and complete the phrases using the information from the text.


   Frankie is green and very tall. He has yellow eyes, black hair and a small nose. He also has enormous hands and feet. He isn't pretty. In fact, he's very ugly and people call him a monster. They are afraid of him and always run away when they see him. But Frankie isn't bad! He is an intelligent man and he loves reading. He has a lot of books in his little house. He likes writing stories. He sells his stories to make money. He also likes using his computer and the Internet to write to people. They don't know that he is ugly and they enjoy his letters. They sometimes ask him for his photograph, but Frankie never sends it. Frankie enjoys gardening. There are a lot of vegetables, fruit trees and roses in his big garden. He loves roses! He puts bread out in the garden for the birds so there are a lot of birds too. They are afraid of him! Frankie never eats meat. He doesn't like it. He eats vegetables, fruit and bread. Because he doesn't like it when people run away from him, he orders all his shopping by the Internet. The shop delivers his shopping to his house. In this way, people don't see him and he feels happy. And when it is raining he doesn't have to go out of the house. He doesn't like the rain and he is afraid of thunder and lightning.


1) Frankie has …

A. black hair and big hands and feet

B. green eyes and a small nose

C. small hands and feet

2) People like writing to Frankie because …

A. they don't know that he is ugly

B. they meet him in the supermarket

C. they like to eat meat too

3) Frankie is … .

A. a good person

B. an evil person

C. a beautiful person

4) He lives in … .

A. a big house without a garden

B. a small house with a big garden

C. a small garden

5) He … a lot of books.

A. reads

B. speaks

C. does

6) Frankie sends his photo to … .

A. his Internet friends

B. nobody

C. the sho

7) Birds … .

A. don't come into the garden

B. come into the garden

C. are afraid of Frankie

8) Frankie likes … .

A. gardening

B. eating meat

C. shopping in malls

9) Frankie goes to … .

A. the supermarket

B. the theatre

C. the garden to put the bread for the birds

10) Frankie is happy when … .

A. people don't see him

B. he doesn't see birds

C. he is in the supermarket


Итоговая контрольная работа в 6 классе в формате ОГЭ по английскому языку. Вариант I и II.

Итоговая контрольная работа для 6 класса

(в формате ОГЭ)

Вариант №1

  1. Reading.

Прочитайте текст.

A Long Way to Travel for Your Dinner.

A1This is an Arctic tern. It is not a very big bird. It is only about six inches (16 centimetres) from its bright red beak to its tail. But soon this small bird will begin a wonderful journey. It will fly from one end of the Earth to the other – a journey of about 12,000 miles (18,000 kilometres).

A2 The tern spends the summer in the Arctic, but it cannpt spend the winter there. It is too cold and there is no food. If the turns stays in the Arctic, it will die.

A3 In autumn the Arctic tern will leave the North Pole and fly south across the equator to the South Pole. When spring comes again in the northern hemisphere, the tern will come back to the Arctic.

A4 how do this small birds make this wonderful journey? We don’t know the answer. Perhaps they use the sun, the moon and the stars as a compass. If it is cloudy or foggy, the birds will not migrate. In its life, an Arctic tern travels as far as to the moon and back. That’s a long way to travel for your dinner!

Установите соответствие заголовков 1 – 5 абзацам А1 – А4. один заголовок лишний.

  1. Why does it leave the Arctic in winter?

  2. The description of the bird.

  3. The unusual bird.

  4. The means of orientation.

  5. The autumn and spring migrations.

Определите, являются ли данные утверждения соответствующими (True) тексту или несоответствующими (False)

  1. Use of English

Прочитайте предложения. Выберите из предложенных вариантов ответа (А, В, С,)

  1. A horse has got ___________ legs.

A.four B.fore C.fort

A13 How old ________ you in 2004?

A.are B.were C.have

A14 Today is ___________ than yesterday.

A.colder B.much cold C.cold

A15 Which book are you _________ on the holidays?

A.read B.going to read C.reads

A16 This exercise is ____________ than that one.

A.difficulty B.more difficult C.difficult

A17 Are there __________ big shops in your town?

A.any B.every C.some

A18 I _________ this book yesterday.

A.buy B.bought C.brought

A19 We _________ the history of Bolivar last year.

A.studied B.study C.studies

A20 This book is boring. There is ________ interesting in it.

A.anything B.nothing C.some

A21 Did __________ see him at the party yesterday?

A.somebody B.anybody C.anything

A22 I think they __________ come next week.

A.are B.were C.will

A23 There is very ________ salt in this soup.

A.little B.few C.a few

A24 I don’t like geography. I don’t like it _________ .

A.too B.than C.either

A25 Jane __________ play the guitar when she was five.

A.can B.could C.was

Преобразуйте слова в конце строк так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста.


к итоговой контрольной работе вариант №1 в 6 классе

Итоговая контрольная работа для 6 класса

(в форматеОГЭ)

Вариант 2

I. Reading

Прочитайте текст.

The Legend of Beowulf

A1 Once upon a time, there was a horrible monster called Grendel. He was half-man and half-monster. He lived in Denmark.

A2 One day, he came to the king’s castle but nobody could kill the monster. A knight called Beowulf heard about the problem and went to Denmark to help the king.

A3 One night when Beowulf and his men went to sleep the monster came into the castle and killed one of them. Beowulf woke up and killed the monster. When he came back to the castle, the king was very happy and he gave Beowulf presents and money.

A4 Beowulf went back to his country and became a king. He was a wise king for fifty years. But one day, a dragon came to his country and attacked people. The knights were afraid and they did not want to fight the dragon. King Beowulf was an old man but he went to the dragon’s cave with his men and killed the ugly monster.

Установите соответствие заголовков 1-5 абзацам А1-А4. один заголовок лишний.

  1. A brave knight.

  2. Gifts for the hero.

  3. A terrible creature.

  4. A fairy-tale monster.

  5. A new danger.

Определите, являются ли данные утверждения соответствующими (True) тексту или несоответствующими (False).

II. Use of English.

Прочитайте предложения. Выберите из предложенных вариантов ответа (А, В, С).

0. The nearest school is far ________ her.

A.for B.from C.fore

A13 How long ________ your school day usually?

A.is B.was C.am

A14 The ___________ day of the year is in summer.

A.longest B.most long C.longer

A15 Where are you ________ your holidays?

A.going to spend B.will spend C.spent

A16 This exercise is ________ than that one.

A.difficulty B.more difficult C.difficult

A17 Are there _________ big shopping malls in your town?

A.a B.any C.some

A18 I ____________ this magazine yesterday.

A.read B.reading C.going to read

A19 Kids _________ football last week.

A.will play B.are playing C.played

A20 There is ________ I have to tell you.

A.anything B.any C.something

A21 Did __________ see him at the party yesterday?

A.somebody B.anybody C.anything

A22 I know that they _________ come next week.

A.is going to B.were C.will

A23 I don’t have _______ friends.

A.a few B.few C.many

A24 I don’t like geography. My friend doesn’t like geography ____ .

A.than B.neither C.either

A25 You are the _________ pupil in class.

A.good B.better C. best

Преобразуйте слова в конце строк так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста.


к итоговой контрольной работе в 6 классе

Вариант 2


Exam Practice / Английский язык. 6 класс. Тренировочные упражнения для подготовки к ОГЭ, О. В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева, К. М. Баранова, И. В. Пушинина

Автор: О. В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева, К. М. Баранова, И. В. Пушинина

Доступно в форматах: EPUB | PDF | FB2

Страниц: 112

Год издания: 2017

Язык: Русский

Пособие является составным компонентом учебно-методического комплекта "Английский язык" и предназначено для подготовки учащихся VI класса общеобразовательных организаций и школ с углублённым изучением английского языка к Основному государственному экзамену по английскому языку.Пособие чётко структурировано, содержит задания для проверки уровня сформированности лексических и грамматических навыков учащихся, их умений в чтении и письме, подходит как для работы в классе, так и для самостоятельной подготовки дома.


Евгения, Махачкала, 19.11.2017
Искала сайт с хорошими для чтения книгами, чтобы при этом можно было их бесплатно скачать. В поисковике одним из первых был именно этот сайт. По-моему очень удобный сайт и большой выбор литературы на любой вкус))) Буду и дальше им пользоваться. Вероника, Астрахань, 21.06.2017
Увлекаюсь тайм-менеджментом и вообще управлением своими ресурсами. Долго искала сайт, на котором можно быстро и легко скачать все нужные мне книги, в том числе и новинки. Случайно набрела на этот сайт и влюбилась! Есть все, что нужно для расширения познаний в этой теме. О многих книгах раньше даже и не слышала. Однозначно рекомендую!

Те, кто смотрел эту страницу, также интересовались:

Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. Какой формат книги выбрать: PDF, EPUB или FB2?
Тут все зависит от ваших личных предпочтений. На сегодняшний день, каждый из этих типов книг можно открыть как на компьютере, так и на смартфоне или планшете. Все скачанные с нашего сайта книги будут одинаково открываться и выглядеть в любом из этих форматов. Если не знаете что выбрать, то для чтения на компьютере выбирайте PDF, а для смартфона - EPUB.

2. Можно ли книги с вашего сайта читать на смартфоне?
Да. Как для iOS, так и для Android есть много удобных программ для чтения книг.

3. В какой программе открыть файл PDF?
Для открытия файла PDF Вы можете воспользоваться бесплатной программой Acrobat Reader. Она доступна для скачивания на сайте adobe.com


Кирдяева, Комиссаров: Английский язык. 6 класс. Тренировочные упражнения в формате ОГЭ (ГИА). Углубленное изучение №QBTUI3


Автор: Кирдяева Ольга Ивановна, Комиссаров Константин Вячеславович

Редактор: Сорочкина М. А., Щербакова Е. В.

Издательство: Просвещение, 2018 г.

Серия: Звездный английский

Жанр: ОГЭ (ГИА). Английский язык

Сборник упражнений является дополнительным компонентом УМК серии «Звёздный английский» для 6 класса общеобразовательных организаций и школ с углублённым изучением английского языка. Сборник содержит разнообразные задания и упражнения к каждому модулю учебника, направленные на развитие навыков письменной речи и повторение изученного лексико-грамматического материала.
4-е издание.

Комментарии пользователей:

Пользователь Анатолий Абрамов пишет:

Данный сборник упражнений для подготовки детей к ГИА (нынешнему ОГЭ) по английскому уже с 6 класса является отличным учебным пособием, дополняющим основной курс "Звездный английский" для 6 класса. Я использую пособие для тренировки навыков чтения и лексико-грамматических навыков. К тому же, письмо здесь тоже отлично тренируется.
Можно использовать сборник для самостоятельной работы, так как он снабжен ключами ко всем упражнением, и родители могут контролировать правильность…

Данный сборник упражнений для подготовки детей к ГИА (нынешнему ОГЭ) по английскому уже с 6 класса является отличным учебным пособием, дополняющим основной курс "Звездный английский" для 6 класса. Я использую пособие для тренировки навыков чтения и лексико-грамматических навыков. К тому же, письмо здесь тоже отлично тренируется.
Можно использовать сборник для самостоятельной работы, так как он снабжен ключами ко всем упражнением, и родители могут контролировать правильность выполнения работ детей дома. Также можно выдавать сборники ученикам в классе на дополнительных занятиях (ключи можно вырезать по пунктирной линии).
Структурированы упражнения по модулям основного учебника, но вовсе необязательно применять сборник в комплексе с основным курсом "Звездный английский". Он подойдет как дополнение к любому курсу 6 класса.
Качество отличное: бумага высшего качества, крупный и четкий шрифт!
Фото нескольких страниц прилагаю:

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Пожалуйста, читайте внимательно порядок скачивание книги в архиве!

Отзывы читателей «Кирдяева, Комиссаров: Английский язык. 6 класс. Тренировочные упражнения в формате ОГЭ (ГИА). Углубленное изучение»:
Пользователь Игорь Сидоров пишет:

М-да, быть классиков на протяжении более двух тысяч лет, — это круто. «Политику» Аристотеля публиковали часто, так что самое оригинальное в этой книге — популярная вводная статья.

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Гдз по английскому языку 6 класс тренировочные задания spotlight Ваулина, Подоляко

  • ГДЗ
  • 1 Класс
    • Математика
    • Английский язык
    • Русский язык
    • Немецкий язык
    • Информатика
    • Природоведение
    • Основы здоровья
    • Музыка
    • Литература
    • Окружающий мир
    • Человек и мир
  • 2 Класс
    • Математика
    • Английский язык
    • Русский язык
    • Немецкий язык
    • Белорусский язык
    • Украинский язык
    • Информатика
    • Природоведение
    • Основы здоровья
    • Музыка
    • Литература
    • Окружающий мир
    • Человек и мир
    • Технология
  • 3 Класс
    • Математика
    • Английский язык
    • Русский язык
    • Немецкий язык
    • Белорусский язык
    • Украинский язык
    • Информатика
    • Музыка
    • Литература
    • Окружающий мир
    • Испанский язык
  • 4 Класс
    • Математика
    • Английский язык
    • Русский язык
    • Немецкий язык


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